Valerio for Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability in OUSD!

I am from Oakland, born and raised, educated in our school system. I am aware firsthand of the issues the school district faces today. OUSD can be better, not for a few, but for ALL families in Oakland. OUSD must be a parents' first choice school system no matter their income levels. 

As a School Board Director, I will propose:

  • Defund the OUSD Police Force and Reinvest on School Site Counselors and Mental Health Services
  • Invest in Digital Infrastructure for students to access online learning
  • Contingency Plan and Use of School Sites for Smaller Teacher:Student Ratio amid COVID-19 
  • Policies to increase student enrollment
  • Investing in student preparation for employment in regional industries
  • Expanding apprenticeships, curriculum development, and job opportunities for students
  • Restructuring the Superintendent's Office for accountability, transparency, and best practices
  • Improving communication with community groups and schools sites
  • Establishing an independent citizen oversight committee for Transparency, Accountability and Ethics
  • Increasing support for extracurricular activities at school sites
  • Investing in Health and Special Education centers in Districts
  • Establishing a District office for revenue generation for program sustainability

As your board member, I will hold community town hall meetings to hear your concerns and engage in inclusive decision making for solutions.

My name is Victor Valerio and I am running to serve you as your School Board Director for District 7!